Lori’s Lending

Lori’s Lending

The Story Web Design & Marketing created a personable and professional website. The follow-up and assistance were very effective.

Lori Cunningham-Beckstead, Owner & Operator

The Brief

Lori’s Lending is a provider of funding to small businesses.  For many small businesses, getting the financing they need in a short period of time is often a difficult process with the big banks.  Lori’s Lending helps small businesses get the funding they need, often in less than 24 hours.

Lori is a real person and she loves helping small businesses.

The Approach

Lori’s Lending wanted a design that was different from a standard financing company.  Lori is very personal and the website needed to reflect who she is: professional, personal and fun.  The design had to look very professional, because this it’s financial and it needs to feel trustworthy.  The personal and fun nature of the website reflects who Lori is and helps Lori to connect with small business owners that want a personal touch.

Lori’s Lending needed a new logo, copy writing, a web design and overall guidance in digital marketing.

The Story provided multiple options for logo design, caricatures and website design.  Lori worked with the team from The Story to get the right look, copy and overall buying process strategy.

The Story helped to develop the form for the application and the process for managing applicants.

In addition, the website needed to connect with Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) in order to enhance short and long term marketing of Lori’s Lending prospects.

The Results

Lori was very pleased with the logo, copy and web design.  The look and caricatures allowed her to develop a unique look and feel for the design of her

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